Ice Dam Video

Ice Dams

Why do I have water dripping into my house in the winter? If ice or snow is on your roof and your attic is warmer than the roof deck, ice dams can occur.  Learn what you can do about this now.  Learn how to prevent ice damming and condensation.


Spring Project Ideas: New Roof

Many roofs are rated to last for decades, but no roofing job lasts forever. A roof is a large investment, but it’s one that pays of in the structural integrity of your home. Is it time for a new roof? These are signs it’s time to call some roofing companies for estimates on a new …


Spring Project ideas: New Deck

Looking for more space outside? Or, do you have a deck already, but it’s showing signs of its age? Springtime is a great time to talk to deck builders about adding a new deck to your home. A few of the benefits of investing in a deck ar: 1. A high-quality deck increases the value …