Cedar Shake Singles

Cedar Shake Shingles in Chicagoland

Cedar shake is a popular roofing option because of the material’s exceptional beauty. The material ages well, going from a fresh wood color to silver gray as it ages. Cedar shingles can either be milled for a clean and low-profile appearance or hand-split for a rustic and natural look.

Strong and Durable

Cedar is a long lasting option. On average, a cedar shake shingle roof will last around 10 years longer than other shingle options. Cedar shingles are highly resistant to the strong winds typical in the area. They stand up to heavy rain, snowstorms and hail without damage. Cedar is naturally decay-resistant and impact-resistant, preserving its beauty for years.

Environmentally Friendly

Cedar is an energy-efficient option. The roof provides natural insulation that helps you keep heat inside in the winter. This natural insulation keeps your power bills down and helps to prevent damaging ice dams during cold weather. Over time, both of these significantly lower the day-to-day cost of your roof. While cedar shingles may cost more up front, the cost and energy savings over their life is significant.

Cedar shingles come from a renewable source, western red cedar trees. Research from the Cedar Bureau indicates that this roofing option consumes less energy during production and causes less air pollution. Disposal of the roofing materials when a cedar shake finally needs to be replaced is easier, as cedar is a natural material.

Are Cedar Roof Shingles for Every Home?

Compared with other roofing options, cedar shingles are more expensive to buy and for your roofing contractor to install. However, given the long life of the material, cedar shake shingles are cost effective over the life of your roof.

Cedar shingles require some level of regular maintenance to preserve the roof. Regular maintenance can keep mold, mildew and moss from growing on your cedar roof. As with any roof, cedar shingles require regular inspections to ensure that they roof is in good condition and performing as expected.

How Is a Cedar Shake Shingle Roof Installed?

A qualified roofing contractor is needed to correctly install a cedar shake roof. Roofing felt is used with the shakes to ensure that snow and other foreign materials do not get under the cedar shingles. Shingles are installed by hand.

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