The Benefits of Installing Double Hung Windows

The Benefits of Installing Double Hung Windows

Research suggests that window and door sales will increase over 6% this year, with total sales estimated at $31 billion across the United States. This increase in profits is linked to new home builds and the desire of current homeowners to reduce energy costs. Tax credits provided to people who make energy efficient home improvements add incentives as well.

Will you be among those who are investing in new windows this year? There are many different window options available to homeowners. This can make choices difficult when it comes to style, material, and basic window function. A double hung window installation is always a good option, however, due to the many benefits that these windows provide. Peruse these benefits and starting looking at the cost of window installation.

1. Double hung windows are extremely easy to clean from inside the home. This removes the hassle of using ladders or unique cleaning techniques to remove debris from exterior window panes. Screens are removed or popped out of tracks first. The window pane can then be rotated either inward or outward. Once the window sits flat, it can be wiped down on both sides.

2. A double hung window helps to reduce accidents within the home, because they can be opened from either the top or the bottom. Children cannot easily access the top of a window like they can the bottom, which limits the risk of the screen being pushed through the window and the child falling through. Pet accidents are reduced as well. The top window pane cannot fall on small fingers, either, if a child decides to play with the window.

3. When window installation companies place double hung windows in the home, you are provided with better ventilation. For example, the top of the window can be opened to allow kitchen smoke and odors to escape. Also, vapor from the bathroom can easily escape, because both vapor and smoke tend to rise. An open double hung window also helps to create a cross breeze in the home.

4. A double hung window installation provides energy efficiency. These windows are made to snap tightly into tracks that are installed along the window frame. This creates a tight seal to reduce home drafts. Also, when a vinyl window installation is secured, windows will not warp or shift. This helps to keep the silicone caulk around the window from cracking or disintegrating. A vapor seal where windows meet also decreases energy loss concerns.

5. Home window installers offer low costs for double hung windows. These windows are very common and most window installation companies have the windows in stock. Stock sizes are very likely to fit within your home as well, and this means that special orders are almost never required. A double hung window installation is relatively easy too, with tracks that screw in place within a few minutes.

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