You Won’t Believe What These Home Builders Did For Less Than $35,000

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You Won’t Believe What These Home Builders Did For Less Than $35,000

roofing companiesMore Americans are pricing a deck or new window installation costs, determined to build a home that is truly their own — and for decidedly less, too. CNN reports that ambitious do-it-yourself homeowners are reaping great rewards and living in custom homes costing only $35,000 or less! These one-of-a-kind (and sometimes even a little strange) custom homes will give you the inspiration you need to get started.

Not Quite A Boat House
“The soothing mobile home is situated atop a buoyant platform that allows it to remain afloat in the water while minimally impacting the environment and offering scenic views of its surroundings,” Distractify says of a floating home designed by architect Dymitr Malxew. The modestly-sized home contains wall-sized windows, helping it appear more spacious and giving its occupants a breathtaking view.

The Deceptively Cozy Tiny Home
One small home, aptly named “Tiny House,” is only 196 square feet, but — looking inside — you’d never know it. Macy Miller teamed up with roofing companies to design a small and economical home and to make the most of both vertical and horizontal space. The resourceful design makes “Tiny House” appear much larger than it actually is. Homeowners looking to build a similarly economical home may want to consider cost-effective options, like vinyl siding. Vinyl siding requires zero paint, it is easy to clean and maintain, and it can last for up to 40 years!

Making Old Windows Look Like New
The American window industry brings in $7 billion annually. One West Virginia couple aspired to contribute a very small portion of that. The couple built a beautiful cabin, with the main wall made up entirely of recycled windows.

Build your home the right way. Carefully consult window and roofing companies to get estimates, salvage building materials, and build the home of your dreams for less than $35,000.

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