The Bizarre Events That Warrant Roofing Repairs

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The Bizarre Events That Warrant Roofing Repairs

Roofing companies and roofing services bring in $46 billion annually, and not necessarily for the reasons you might think. As roofs age, they do not necessarily hold up well against rain, snow, and ice — and that’s understandable. Yet in the following situations, weather was the least of these homeowners’ problems. What are some of the weirdest reasons for needing roofing repairs?

Farmers, Keep A Close Eye On Your Cows
If you are not careful, apparently your cows can end up on the roof. (It’s happened at least once!) Earlier this year, a farmer in Bern, Switzerland discovered that one of his cows was missing. He found the cow on the roof of his farmhouse. The man was able to get the cow down. The cow’s hooves, however, ruined several slate roof tiles in the process, warranting a call to the roofing company for repairs. The farmer still doesn’t know how the cow got up there in the first place.

The Bear That Won’t Quit
“A bear performed a balancing act on the roof of a two-story Southern California apartment building Thursday before nimbly climbing down a tree and scampering across a busy intersection to the surprise of drivers,” NBC News reports. A top residential roofing company reveals that most repairs entail simply replacing worn tiles or shingles with curled up edges, not anything bear- or animal-related.

These Homeowners Had It Coming (And “It” Is Blackened, Mildew-Covered Roofs)
“Consumers across Florida are paying tens of thousands of dollars for white metal roofs that are turning black within a matter of months after installation,” NBC continues. The homeowners do not realize that metal roofing, although energy efficient, inexpensive, and optimal for other, U.S. climates, does not mix well with the Florida heat and humidity. A recent tax incentive from the government is only exacerbating the problem and motivating ill-informed Florida residents to get white metal roofs.

Roofing repairs are all too common and, sometimes, U.S. residents need repairs for some pretty bizarre reasons, too. Whether your roof is simply showing signs of wear or one of your cows mysteriously made its way onto the roof, roofing contractors can help with all manner of problems.

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