Businesses Installing Energy Efficient Roofs To Cut Costs

commercial roofing

Businesses Installing Energy Efficient Roofs To Cut Costs

commercial roofingA roof that is clearly in a state of disrepair spells bad news for any business. Worn roofs are significantly less energy efficient, meaning that they hike up company utility bills. And it doesn’t stop there. A leaky rooftop may entail leaving pots and mop buckets around to collect water, but it may also result in even greater problems, like mold and wet rot. At the very worst, insurance providers may jack up commercial property insurance rates or you may lose commercial property insurance altogether.

There is a better way. The most obvious course of action is hiring a roofing contractor to fix or replace roofs with peeling paint and missing shingles. Before ordering the cheapest possible roofing services, however, business owners may want to consider long-term costs. Today, there are a number of different ways businesses can get more out of their roofs — and most commonly in terms of energy efficiency and the related cost savings.

What Is A Cool Roof?
In China, they are testing a variety of cool roofs on top of office buildings. Cool roofs are a fairly simple concept. It’s a flat, white (or sometimes lightly colored) rooftop that reflects sunlight, ultimately cooling the building and reducing air conditioning costs.

Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside Of The Box
Residential and commercial roofing companies generally bring in $46 billion annually. Make it worth it, and don’t settle for boring commercial roofing. New York City offices, for example, are transforming their rooftops andraising awareness about clean water conservation with the long-awaited Water Tank Project. Several artists, including “Aurie Simmons, John Baldessari, Catherine Opie, Mickalene Thomas, Kenny Scharf, Carrie Mae Weems and Ed Ruscha” are contributing by painting elaborate murals onto old water tanks, according to The Huffington Post. Even if water conservancy is not necessarily your thing, the murals easily increase curb appeal — and attract the attention of passing customers and/or patrons.

Is it time for you to call a commercial roofing company? Don’t let your roof get into a state that will leave you deep-cleaning the place to get rid of wet rot and mold. While you’re at it, consider alternatives that may reduce your energy costs or raise awareness, while also attracting more customers to your business.

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