More Americans Are Choosing Energy Efficient Roofs

More Americans Are Choosing Energy Efficient Roofs

roofing costsThere are several things to consider when reviewing roofing costs and making major roofing repairs — or even replacing roofs altogether. Over time, roofs gradually wear away, meaning that they are more likely to leak or suffer damage from the elements. (Homeowners can tell if this is already happening by inspecting roofs for worn granulars and distorted and/or curled up edges on roof shingles.) Moreover, roofing companies estimate that putting a new roof right on top of the other — instead of removing the first, damaged roof — will decrease roofs’ efficiency and life by as much as 20%.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep in mind, there is another, relatively new factor to keep in mind before getting roofing services: energy efficiency. Energy costs are easily going up — and choosing environmentally-friendly roofing options can save homeowners hundreds off annual heating and cooling bills. Here are some examples.

What Is A Green Roof?

There is no single answer to that question. Green roofs can take several different shapes and forms, according to roofing contractors. Most involve planting vegetation in nutrient rich soil directly on the roof. The plants and soil act as insulation, reducing heating costs while also promoting a green, eco-friendly environment. Some green roofs feature rain guards. The relatively new rain guards direct any excess water inward, toward the soil and plants in order to water them. This prevents water from building up in your gutters and/or running into your driveway or public streets.

Traditional And Transparent Solar Shingles

Solar panels are becoming increasingly efficient, subtle, and sleek. If you are concerned about aesthetics (and the appearance of solar panels doesn’t exactly sit well with you), consider new transparent solar shingles. The transparent shingles are incredibly thin and hardly (if at all) visible from a distance.

A roof is a sizable investment, and it is crucial to consider all of your needs and future bills when determining roofing costs.

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