Two Things You Need To Do To Keep Roofs In Good Condition This Winter

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Two Things You Need To Do To Keep Roofs In Good Condition This Winter

Roofing companies get a lot of calls this time of year. In fact, roofing repairs and roofing installation bring in about $46 billion annually — and mishaps during the winter months make up a good portion of these profits. With adequate planning and maintenance, however, homeowners across the U.S. can upgrade and/or replace roofing when they want to, not when it collapses under several feet of snow. Here are a few roof care tips to keep in mind during the winter.

Clear All Debris Out Of Gutters
Clogged gutters are never a good thing, but they can be particularly hazardous during the winter. Remove debris, like dead leaves, from gutters. If gutters are particularly messy, consider picking a mild afternoon (don’t do this when it’s freezing out!), and use water to clear gutters of debris. A roofing contractor or roofing company can also do this for you. Also remember that debris on the roof itself may lead to pooling water and/or buildup of snow, and ultimately leaks, water damage, or even collapse.

Trim Trees Before Winter
To cut back on roofing costs, eliminate winter hazards. If a tree branch is hanging over the roof, for example, you need to do something about it. Branches are much more likely to snap, break, and fall with snow and ice piled on top of them. Also look out for signs of wear; if your roof already has missing granules or edges that are curling up, it could become an even greater problem during the extreme cold of winter. Particularly old roofs may be ill-suited to protect homes from the elements and may be worth replacing to prevent leaks and other serious problems.

How much are you willing to pay for roofing costs? If you would like roofing expenses and new roof installation to be on your own terms, consider winter-proofing roofs and meticulously caring for roofs before and during winter.

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