Top 5 Energy Efficient Window Options

Energy Efficient Window

Top 5 Energy Efficient Window Options

When replacing or just repairing windows in your home, the initial steps you take can make a huge difference when it comes to energy efficiency. What do we mean by this? Basically, by implementing these top tips when dealing with window changes, you can save energy while saving on your utilities. In this blog, the Aspen Exteriors team explains.

Tips for Energy Efficiency

1. Wood Trim as Good Insulator – The fact of the matter is, wood is and always has been a good insulator. If you have the option to update your preexisting wood trim or install new wood trim, we suggest this choice. It works really well to keep the temperature steady in the home.
2. Vinyl is Long Lasting – Vinyl trim for your windows is inexpensive, long lasting, and can save you money because it – like wood – is also a good insulator. It is a better choice for the homeowner who wants the insulating properties without spending a substantial amount.
3. Check Window Seals and Replace – Replacing the old worn seals on your windows can make a world of difference. A good seal prevents drafts that can seep into your home, making your HVAC system work hard to just maintain one steady temperature.
4. Consider Skylights – These ceiling light options are extremely energy efficient. They can serve to warm your home with natural sunlight, and the sun’s warmth may even be sufficient enough that you don’t have to run your heating and cooling system at all.
5. Get the Right Team for the Installation – Choosing a window installer that has a focus on energy efficiency is crucial. Going with this team ensures that they have the same goals as you: installing your windows in a manner and state to where your utility bills don’t skyrocket.

Contact the Right Window Team

At Aspen Exteriors, energy efficiency is one of our goals, not just a passing thought. We aim to satisfy the customer and provide lasting results that do a greater good. (847) 590-5600. 

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