Is Siding Okay For My Older Home?

Is Siding Okay For My Older Home?

If you live in older home, one that is historic and has signature architecture, you may have concerns about remodeling. In particular, you may be wary of replacing the exterior of your home with siding. However, let’s set the record straight early on: you can definitely do this, but you may be subject to some limitations.

Limitations for Siding Installation

The fact of the matter is, limitations exist in every scenario. From our bank accounts to our neighborhoods, limitations are present. The limitations you might encounter with siding installation on your older home may include:

Structural Integrity – When it comes to an older home, structural integrity has to be taken into account before any piece of siding is installed. We can help you determine the home’s structural integrity by asking the right questions: How old is the home? When was the last time the exterior was remodeled? Has your home been inspected lately? With these answers, we’ll be able to help you identify if the weight and strength of the siding is an issue. We can work around this to some degree – using lightweight siding materials – but we still like to know upfront what we’re working with.

Historical Society Regulations – This limitation isn’t so much physical as it is documented. Sometimes, older areas of your town are subject to the regulations of the local historical society. This means that sometimes you cannot do certain home renovations if they don’t match with the pre-existing design of the home and the area. We have come across this factor in various communities, so we can help do this research with you.

Whatever the Issue, Let Us Help

No matter if there are limitations in place or you just simply cannot choose which siding material is best for your older home, let the Aspen Exterior team help! We have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the best exterior. Contact us at (847) 590-5600 today.

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