Ready for a change? Pick a different type of roof.

Ready for a change? Pick a different type of roof.

Roofing wears out and needs to be replaced. If the time has come for a new roof on your home, why not update and improve your home’s aesthetics with a new and different roof? A few of the options available from the expert roofing contractors at Aspen Exterior Company are:

1. Change your roof’s color.

A change in hue might be all that you need to give your house a fresh new look. Dark roofs can add richness and appeal, but will moderately increase the temperature of the plywood sheathing underneath. However, most moderate colors, such as browns and grays, do not show much difference. Ask your roofing contractor about the difference your roof’s color could have.

If you are planning to change the paint color or have siding installed on your home, this is an opportunity to pick a color that will go with your new look. If your home has features such as brick or stone, consider picking a roofing color that coordinates with it; while it is easy to change the color of your paint, it is less easy to change the look of permanent features like brick.

2. Change the material.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular option, accounting for four out of five roofs on homes, but they are not the only option. Metal roofs are attractive and highly durable. You can also look at plastic polymer roofing, which is moderately priced and can be used on a range of roof slopes. Concrete and clay tile fit some housing aesthetics beautifully and can be used on both moderate and steeply sloped roofs. Whatever material you choose, the expert roofing contractors at Aspen Exterior will lay your roof with care and precision.

Questions to ask your roofing contractor when choosing a new roof:

Not every material is appropriate for every home. There are a few things you’ll need to be sure to ask your roofing contractor to make an informed decision:

  1. How long will the new roofing material last? Asphalt singles last around 20 years. You can expect around 25 out of fiber cement and even longer from a metal roof.
  2. Is the material too heavy for my existing roofing frame?
  3. Will it complement the style of my home?
  4. Does the roof have enough slope for this material?
  5. Is this a type of material that is permitted in my local building codes?
  6. How well does the material hold up to local weather conditions?
  7. What will a roof in this material cost? Roofing materials can vary widely in price. Match yours to the expected durability to get the best value.
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