Spring Project Ideas: New Gutters

Spring Project Ideas: New Gutters

We don’t think about our gutters often, but they are a crucial part of our homes. The gutters help direct water away from the walls, doors, windows and foundation. This keeps water from getting into your home and causing serious damage. As with many parts of your home, gutter replacement is necessary every so often to ensure that they are doing their job well. A few signs that it may be time:

1. Paint is peeling on or around the gutters.

The paint that is used on gutters is designed to withstand the stress of exposure to weather and water. If this paint is showing wear, it is a sign that water may be seeping out through cracks or holes.

2. There is pooling water by the foundation.

Your gutter’s job is to keep water away from the foundation, where it can cause structural damage to your home. If water is collecting there, this indicates that there is something wrong with the gutters. The problem may be something simple like leaves clogging the gutter. Or, it could be a sign that there is a defect somewhere in your gutter system.

3. Gutters are sagging or pulling away from your house.

This is a sure sign that gutter replacement is overdue. Sagging gutters are often full of water, which is weighing them down. This means that they are not able to do their job of moving water away from your house, which can lead to water damage on walls or water finding a way inside through doors or windows.

4. You see water marks beneath your gutters.

If water marks are making their way down exterior walls, this is an indication that water is seeping out of your gutters. In many cases, it is because the gutters are worn and there are cracks or splits showing up. In some cases, the water may be brown or otherwise discolored.

5. You see splits, cracks or areas where the gutters have rusted away.

No gutter lasts forever. Cracks may start small, but they can grow more quickly than you think. Plus, if splits or cracks allow water to get out, it may not just be dripping down the wall. It could be damaging the fascia boards that are behind your gutters, leading to significant and costly repairs.

A quick visual inspection on your part can reveal some issues with gutters. In other cases, a professional contractor can detect issues by getting up and examining them closely. Spring is the perfect time to have your gutter system looked at so you can catch problems and get a gutter replacement. By handling small problems before they become big ones, you can avoid serious damage and keep your home looking great.  Contact Aspen Exterior to discuss your gutter needs!

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