Staying Sane During a Renovation Project

Staying Sane During a Renovation Project

Whether it’s updated windows, a new roof or another project, every now and then your home needs renovations. While you are likely to feel safer and more satisfied with the place you live when they are over, the process of having them done can sometimes be somewhat stressful. To ensure that you get through the process as easily as possible, remember these tips for surviving a renovation with your sanity intact:

1. Ask your contractor what you should do in advance.

Depending on the job you are having done, there is some prep that you can do before hand to make it all go more smoothly. From clearing away outdoor furniture to making sure bushes are well-pruned, these are steps that can ensure that your renovation goes as quickly as possible.

2. Get a time table.

You can live with anything as long as you know it’s just a short term interruption of your normal routine. Ask your contractor what their timeline is for getting your work done. Having a general idea of the duration of the project can help you feel more comfortable while it is in progress.

3. Discuss boundaries.

Are the contractors going to be indoors? For how long and where? Do they need access to a downstairs bathroom while they work? Understanding whether and how much the people working on your home will be inside can help allay any concerns about having people working at the house.

4. Find your go-to person for questions.

It’s generally best to stay out of the way so that people can work quickly and efficiently. But, communication is also a must. Find out who is the best person to ask when you have questions about how the job is going.

5. Set up camp in other parts of the house.

No one is happy having roofing contractors working over their heads. Spend some time at the other end of the house to minimize the noise for you and your family. If you have small children, present the changes in routine as an adventure or even an indoor camping trip.

6. Head out to eat.

When you are budgeting to have a roofing company or other contractor out, set as side some extra cash for a few meals out on the town. You deserve a break. A night where you can get out and enjoy a meal that you do not have to cook or clean up can be a welcome respite.

The most important thing to remember is that the time spent with a renovation is temporary. The investment you make in your house now increases its value and its durability. The short time that people are doing work outside pays off for years in security and peace of mind.

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