Updates that make your house more secure

Updates that make your house more secure

Your home is your sanctuary. The idea of someone gaining entrance and helping themselves to your most valued personal possessions is not a comfortable one. However, around 3.7 million people find themselves burglarized each year. To protect yourself from becoming a statistic, make a few changes to make your home more secure.

Switch to a reinforced front door.

If you are considering an exterior door replacement at either the front or the back door of your house, upgrade to a more secure door. Those that open out are less likely to succumb to kicking than those that open in. And, switching to a material like steel can ensure that your door will hold up no matter what. Aspen Exterior carries a range of attractive and strong exterior doors.

Trim bushes around entranceways.

In a survey of burglars in prison, a place to stay unseen while trying to pick locks was one of the most enticing qualities of a potential break-in home. Make sure that the entryway to your home is easily visible from the street. This often means keeping hedges around this area well-trimmed so that your bushes do not hide potential burglars.

Make windows inaccessible.

Unlocked windows are one of the many ways that burglars gain entry to your home. To keep them away, grow hedges underneath vulnerable windows. The hassle of dealing with sharp twigs and thorns will convince many burglars that your home is not worth the hassle.

Invest in a security system.

In the jailhouse interviews, burglar after burglar said that they would walk away from a house that had electronic surveillance. Add cameras out front (even if they’re fake). There are a number of inexpensive trail cams on the market today. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can also find imitation cameras that have a small LED to make it appear that they are recording but that are otherwise dummies. If you have many areas to protect, fake security cameras can give you more coverage.

Install locks and use them.

Good locks can keep burglars out, but only if you use them. When you are considering exterior door replacement, make sure that you get good locks, as well. Make a habit of locking all doors when you leave and also when you return home. Many burglars say that they gained entrance to homes simply by walking in an unlocked front or back door.

Add motion lights.

When people are committing nefarious deeds, the last thing they want is a spotlight on them. Install motion-activated lights near all doors of your home. These can make anyone approaching your home more visible and thus less likely to try to gain unlawful entrance.

While statistics can sometimes be unsettling, the measures you take to keep your home safer can significantly reduce your risk. By keeping these tips in mind when it is time for home improvements, you can take the steps that will cut the chances of someone burglarizing your home.

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