Have an older home? Here’s how to lower your home’s electric bill.

Have an older home? Here’s how to lower your home’s electric bill.

The Palatine area features many charming mid-century homes. They’re beautiful to look at; but, if you own one, you already know how expensive they can be to heat and cool. To keep your bills reasonable, consider these updates and practices:

1. Get your HVAC system serviced.

This system in your home needs regular maintenance to work its best. A tuned-up furnace can save you 10% or more on your heating bills. Getting ductwork properly sealed can cut your summer electric bills by as much as 15%. While there is some upfront cost when having these systems serviced, you will often find that you make your money back in a single season of use. Plus, regular service can help you spot and fix small issues before they become large ones that require replacing your system completely.

2. Add insulation to the attic.

In the summer, sun beating down can heat up that space. In the winter, a lot of the heat inside your house can escape through the roof. Adding a layer of insulation will help solve both issues and keep you more comfortable year-round. Plus, you’ll get an added bonus of peace of mind in the winter: a well-insulated attic is less likely to lead to the ice dams that can cause serious damage to your roof and walls. Many people are able to DIY an insulation job; if you do not feel comfortable with it, area contractors can help.

3. Address drafts.

Houses settle as they get older. Are there areas where you can feel cold air coming inside during the winter or at night? To test, wet your hand and wave it in front of windows, doors and walls. Weather stripping can help cut the drafts around the bottoms of doors. Heavy curtains can help cut down heat radiating out windows.

4. Update your windows.

If your home still has its original windows, you are almost certainly paying to heat or cool the outdoors. Newer windows are far better insulated, meaning that they can keep you more comfortable all year long. We have many years of experience as window contractors in Palatine and the surrounding suburbs. Get in touch with us and we will help you pick out new windows that complement the look of your home while providing superior insulation.

We want to help you make your home more comfortable and more economical all year long. Our modern windows can help. Think it might be time for an update? Come and visit us in the Aspen Exterior Design Center. You can learn more about the windows that we offer and how they can help you cut your electric costs every month of the year.

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