Choosing the right color for your roof

Choosing the right color for your roof

Today’s roofing materials give you more choices than ever when choosing a color for the roof of your Palatine home. How do you narrow down the options to just one? Different colors have different benefits and some work better on some houses than others. To choose the perfect color for your roof, consider the following:

Dark Colors Heat, Light Colors Cool

Do you have a harder time dealing with summer heat or winter’s colder temperatures? Picking a roof based on its thermal properties can go a long way toward helping with heating or cooling your home. A federally funded study found that black roofing was around 10 degrees warmer than white roofing on a sunny day. Other studies have found a difference of 20 to 40 degrees in the temperature in your attic. The color you choose can make a difference in your cooling bills in the summer or your heating bills during the winter.

Think About Curb Appeal

Whether you think you may eventually sell your home or whether you just want something pleasing waiting for you at the end of the driveway every day, the statement that your roof color makes is significant. High contrast between your roof and the paint on your home highlights features. Low contrast hides flaws. Neutral colors telegraph safety and comfort.

Consider the Color of Your Brick and Other Features

If you have brick, stone or stucco on your home, that is probably the best place to look when deciding on a color for your roof. Paint and shutters can be easily changed if you decide it’s time for something new. While brick can be painted, many people prefer it unfinished. Stone is almost always left uncovered, as well. Changing the color of these features can impact the sales potential later on.

Think About the Size of Your Home

Light colored roofing creates an illusion that a house is bigger than it is. Darker roofing will make it look smaller and cozier. If you are afraid of your home looking small and cramped from the road, a lighter roofing color may be a better choice.

Whatever choice you make, when you are reroofing your home it is one you’ll live with for 20 years or more. Avoiding trends and focusing on the colors that suit the rest of your home best will mean a result that you are happier with for longer. Having a hard time coming to a decision? Come visit our Design Center. In contrast to many roofing contractors in Palatine, we have a 17,000 square foot space to showcase the products we install. You can look at different roofing options in person to help you decide which fits your home the best.

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