Preparing Your Home for Winter: Checking Your Doors

Preparing Your Home for Winter: Checking Your Doors

Winter is fast approaching, and the last thing you want in your beautiful new Palatine, IL home during this long season are cold drafts. Besides making you wear layers inside your home all day, drafts can also jack up your heating bill. In the long run, it’s much more cost efficient to seal up all the cracks and not have to deal with the discomfort of cold air seeping into your home. This is where our door replacement service in Palatine IL comes into the picture.  

Here at Aspen Exterior Company, we provide top-notch exterior home services with the highest quality products. One of the things we specialize in is door repair. While you may not think of insulation being the main function of doors, if you’ve ever dealt with cold air drafts coming in from underneath a door, you’ll know how essential it is to have a properly-sized door in the frame.

Home Winterization Steps

In the Palatine area we’re known for our particularly harsh winters. From about November to March, you can expect sub-freezing temperatures, strong freezing winds, and plenty of snow and ice. During this season, you expect your home to be a warm and peaceful sanctuary from the elements, and leaky doors can ruin this feeling. Whether you just bought your home or have lived in it for years, it’s vital to ensure that there isn’t any air coming in through the jamb or from underneath the door.

The first step is to contact us to schedule an appointment to have one of our friendly contractors visit your home to make sure that your doors are in adequate condition. And if they’re not, you can search through our vast collection of new doors, all of which are fully weather-stripped and locked and constructed from traditional hardwood, high-tech fiberglass, or steel.

Choose Your Door

If you do decide that a new door is the right option, then you can choose from our wide selection from brands like Provia Doors, Simpson Door, and ThermaTru. If you’re looking for an unbeatable combination of top-notch insulation with gorgeous aesthetics, ThermaTru is the brand that started the fiberglass revolution. ThermaTru doors deliver the look and feel of real wood without any of the downsides (warping, splitting, and rotting). The company’s doors are also well-known for their superior insulation, as 94 percent of ThermaTru doors are Energy Star qualified with a special polyurethane foam core which provides as much as four times as much insulation as a standard wood door.  

No matter which brand of door you choose, you can be assured that the expert remodelers at Aspen Exterior Company will take the utmost care to make sure that they’re installed properly.

With winter approaching quickly, one of the best ways to keep your home warm and toasty is by replacing your doors. Having a remodeler from Aspen Exterior Company carefully install a new door not only will bring a new sense of beauty to your home, but it will also allow you to save on heating costs. If you’re located near Palatine, contact our team of experts for more information about winterizing your home or to schedule an appointment.

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