Common Signs That Your Door Needs To Be Replaced


Common Signs That Your Door Needs To Be Replaced

Though doors don’t often get a lot of glory, they are absolutely vital to our everyday lives. Not only do they prevent thieves and strangers from walking freely into our homes and businesses, they also keep out inclement weather, allowing us to live as comfortably as possible.

However, like all things in this world, doors deteriorate and lose their ability to function over time. When this happens, they need to be either repaired or replaced. Wondering if you require door replacement in Mount Prospect, Illinois? Here are some common signs that a door needs to be replaced.

It’s Split and Cracked

A sure sign that you should get your door replaced is if it’s split and cracked. When splits and cracks take form in your door, your door loses its ability to perform its function at maximum capacity. Instead, it lets in air, forcing your heater and air conditioner to work harder in order to condition the air in your home.

Splits and cracks can present themselves on your door for a variety of different reasons. Most typically, they appear due to physical trauma. In other cases, however, they form due to prolonged wear and tear.

Regardless of why they exist, if these cracks can’t be repaired, it’s wise to have your door replaced.

It’s Drafty

In some cases, you might feel wind blowing through your door even when it’s not cracked or split. When this happens, wind is typically coming in through the area where the door meets the doorframe. If your door is producing drafts of this kind, it is quite simply not serving its purpose.

Doors become drafty for a variety of reasons. However, in most cases, they become drafty because they are old and broken down. There’s little you can do prevent a door from aging. When it reaches the age of no return, it’s irreparable.

Therefore, if your door becomes drafty, you’re more than likely going to have to have it replaced.

It Scrapes the Floor

Does your door scrape against the floor every time you try to open or shut it? If so, something is wrong. Ideally, the bottom of your door will hover just a few millimeters off of the floor and remain in that position, even when it’s being opened or closed.

A scraping door could be indicative of a few things. In many cases, a door might scrape due to the structural shifting of the house to which it’s connected. In other cases, a door could scrape because it’s losing its structural integrity and sagging.

Sometimes, a sagging door can be repaired. Other times, however, the best option is a full door replacement.

It’s Annoyingly Noisy

After a while, any door will start to make some noise. Typically, this noise can be cleared up with a bit of oil to the hinges. In some cases, however, oil does not get the job done. When this is the case, more extreme measures typically need to be taken.

If your door is annoyingly noisy regardless of what you do, you’re probably going to want to replace it entirely. It has likely suffered too much wear and tear to be adequately repaired.

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