Roofing Installation in Inverness, Illinois: Cedar Shakes or Asphalt Shingles?


Roofing Installation in Inverness, Illinois: Cedar Shakes or Asphalt Shingles?

Maybe you’re building a home from scratch? Perhaps you’re planning an exterior renovation project for your current home? In either case, you’ll likely have to take roofing materials into consideration.

There are a variety of roofing materials available in Inverness, Illinois, but two of the more popular materials include asphalt shingles and cedar shake. In this post, we will compare the two materials to help you decide which style suits your preferences.

Cedar Shake Roof in Inverness


1. Aesthetically Unique

If you’re looking for a roofing material that stands out from the others, cedar shake is what you seek. Cedar shake possesses an exotic air, helping to add an atmosphere of luxury to your home. Capable of being painted any color, it allows for endless style options.

2. Extremely Insulative

Want to keep your energy bills as low as possible? If so, cedar shake can help. Compared to asphalt shingles, cedar shake is substantially more insulative. This has a lot to do with their thicknesses, which usually measures in at around a half an inch to three-fourths of an inch.

3. As Durable as Roofing Materials Come

When it comes to durability, cedar shake far surpasses asphalt shingles. Whereas asphalt shingles will typically provide around 15 to 20 years of use, cedar shake will generally offer around 50 years of top-notch use.

It should be noted, however, that cedar shake will only last this long if it is properly maintained. Failure to maintain your cedar shake will likely result in a substantially reduced lifespan.


1. High Maintenance

As noted above, cedar shake is a high-maintenance roofing material. Not only must it be thoroughly cleaned every few years, but it must be stained on occasion as well. Failure to clean and stain your cedar shake can result in water damage and mold growth.

2. Expensive

Cedar shake is generally much more expensive than asphalt shingles. In fact, it can be as much as double the price of asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Roof in Inverness


1. As Affordable as Roofing Materials Come

If you’re looking for the most affordable roofing material available, look no further than asphalt shingles. You can generally buy 100 square feet of asphalt shingles for between $80 and $100.

2. Plenty of Style Options

Though they can’t be painted, asphalt shingles are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Whether you’re looking for green, orange, rectangles, or triangles, there will be an asphalt shingle that meets your preferences.

3. Require Very Little Maintenance

Not only are asphalt shingles inexpensive to install, they are inexpensive to maintain. Generally, the only maintenance you’ll have to carry out with asphalt shingles is a washing every few years.


1. Not as Durable

As noted above, when it comes to durability, asphalt shingles pale in comparison to cedar shake. You’d be lucky to get any more than 20 years of use out of asphalt shingles.

2. Can Be Swept Away in Storms

Another potential problem with asphalt shingles is that, because they’re exceedingly lightweight, they can be fairly easily swept away in storms. Heavy rains and high winds could very well rip your asphalt shingles right off of your home.

This is very rarely true of cedar shake.

Utilize Professional Roofing Installation in Inverness

Have you decided to go with either of the roofing materials discussed above? Looking to utilize professional roofing installation in Inverness, Illinois? If your answer is ‘yes’, Aspen Exterior Company has you covered.

Our team of highly-experienced roofers is well-versed in the installation of both asphalt shingles and cedar shake. Whichever you choose, we can accommodate you.

Contact us to get started!

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