Maintaining a Wood Front Door in Long Grove, Illinois


Maintaining a Wood Front Door in Long Grove, Illinois

There’s little doubt that a wooden front door can be a terrific aesthetic addition to your home. However, wood doors are not all candy and roses. They come with their downsides, the biggest of which is that they require a great deal of maintenance.

You might be wondering: “what exactly is a great deal of maintenance?” If so, your question is about to be answered. Here are the ins and outs of maintaining a wood front door in Long Grove, Illinois.

What Impacts the Quality of a Wood Door in Long Grove?

When a wood door becomes damaged, it’s typically caused by one of three entities. These entities include sunlight, moisture, and physical trauma.


Aside from moisture, nothing can do more to damage a wood door than sunlight. The longer a wood door is exposed to heavy sunlight, the faster that door will fade and discolor. After enough time, a door can become so discolored that it becomes an eyesore.


The primary destroyer of wood doors is moisture. Over time, as moisture works its way into a wood door, it compromises its structural integrity. Eventually, the door’s structural integrity could be compromised to the point that the door warps and misshapes. In some cases, the door will become so warped that it’s difficult to open or close.

Physical Trauma

Because front doors are the first line of defense against the elements, they are highly exposed to everything mother nature has to offer. Everything from extreme heat, to snow, to hail storms, and otherwise can cause physical trauma to a wood front door. If you have children, then there is a whole new world of physical trauma that can be inflicted on your doors.

Wood Door Maintenance Measures

Regardless of how your wood front door is impacted, maintenance for it remains more or less the same. Below, we’ll explain exactly how to go about maintaining your wood door.

Remove Door from Hinges

While it is possible to carry out maintenance on your door while it’s still on its hinges, it would likely be a little challenging. Maintenance is much easier to perform after the door has been removed from its corresponding doorway. To remove your door, all you’ll have to do is unscrew its hinge pins and pull it away from its hinges.

Sand the Door

Once the door is removed, you’ll want to sand its surface with sandpaper. During this process, you should pay special attention to parts of the door with cosmetic damage. You can generally sand through this cosmetic damage, allowing the unharmed portion of the door to reveal itself.

Touch Up Dents and Small Cracks

Should your door have any dents or small cracks, it’s best to fill them in with a wood filler. This filler can be easily spread into crevices, allowing you to repair your door with the utmost of ease.

Paint/Stain and Finish

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to add a coat of paint/stain and finish to your door. Generally, due to weather exposure, the paint on your door will have faded a bit. Because of this, you’ll probably want to repaint the entire door, rather than touching up certain areas.

A coat of finish will not only add an attractive aesthetic to your door, it will help protect it from moisture damage.

Utilize Professional Door Company in Long Grove, Illinois

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