Siding Installation in Long Grove, Illinois: Cedar, Vinyl, or Fiber Cement?


Siding Installation in Long Grove, Illinois: Cedar, Vinyl, or Fiber Cement?

Are you in the process of building a new home? Thinking about remodeling the home you’re living in right now? If so, siding is a big part of the equation. While you have a number of different types of siding to choose from, three of the most popular and effective options are cedar, vinyl, and fiber cement.

Interested in utilizing one of these materials? Hoping to learn a little more about them first? We have you covered. Below, we’re going to compare and contrast all three materials so that you can make an educated choice. Let’s get started!


In terms of durability, vinyl and fiber cement siding reign supreme. Under the right circumstances, both of these sidings are capable of lasting for a lifetime. The only thing that would change this is if they were met with some sort of intense physical trauma. For instance, a baseball could crack both types of siding.

Wood siding, on the other hand, has a limited shelf-life. This is because it’s susceptible to moisture, sunlight, and insects. Properly-maintained wood siding will typically supply you with around 30 to 40 years of use.


When it comes to maintenance, wood siding easily requires the most attention. Not only does it need to be cleaned on a regular basis, it also needs to be stained, caulked, and repaired. This makes it not only a rigorous material to maintain, but an expensive one as well.

On the contrary, fiber cement and vinyl siding require almost no maintenance. In most cases, all you’ll have to do is clean them every few months. This makes them extremely inexpensive to maintain over time.


Though appearance is totally subjective, many homeowners would agree that wood siding is the best-looking out of all types of siding. It possesses a classic and elegant look that you can’t get with other types of siding.

In fact, appearance is often the primary reason that homeowners choose wood. Compared to other types of siding, aesthetic is one of the only areas where it excels.

This isn’t to say that fiber cement or vinyl siding look bad. In fact, fiber cement siding is often designed to look like wood. It’s just that these two types of siding don’t quite meet the aesthetic standards of wood.

Resistance to Weather

As far as weather resistance goes, fiber cement is king. Not only is fiber cement structurally resistant to both moisture and sunshine, it’s heavy enough so as not to be carried away by heavy winds.

Vinyl siding is resistant to both rain and sunshine, but is fairly light, capable of being torn off by high winds. Wood siding can withstand heavy winds, but is vulnerable to both rain and sunshine.


Out of these three materials, wood is the most expensive, costing around $15 per square foot. Fiber cement is the next most expensive, costing around $10 per square foot. The least expensive material is vinyl, which is available for between $3 and $5 per square foot.

When you factor in maintenance, wood siding is even more expensive, surpassing both fiber cement and vinyl siding substantially.

Professional Siding Installation Services in Long Grove

Have you made a choice? Interested in installing cedar, fiber cement, or vinyl siding? Looking to utilize professional siding installation services in Long Grove, Illinois? Aspen Exterior Company has you covered.

We’ve been in business since 1978, and have installed siding on a number of homes throughout the Long Grove area. We look forward to installing yours as well.

Contact us today to get started!

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