Fiberglass Doors vs Wood Doors in Buffalo Grove: A Comparison


Fiberglass Doors vs Wood Doors in Buffalo Grove: A Comparison

Is your front door starting to look a little old? Is it failing to perform its intended function, letting cold, heat, and sound seep through? If so, it’s probably time for a door replacement.

When it comes to front doors in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, you have two primary options to choose from: fiberglass and wood. Both of these options have their advantages. However, neither is without its flaws either.

Need help choosing between the two options? This blog post is designed to help you do just that. Read below!


As far as durability goes, fiberglass is the superior choice. While a fiberglass door can last for up to 100 years, a wood door will generally only last for around 40 or 50 years.

Fiberglass is an exceedingly strong material, capable of holding up against a wide range of elements. Not only is it resistant to weather, but to parasitic insects and direct physical trauma as well.

Wood is vulnerable to all of these elements. Even if you maintain a wood door properly, it’s still going to break down more quickly than fiberglass would.

Energy Efficiency

While both wood and fiberglass doors are fairly energy efficient, fiberglass doors generally provide more in the way of insulation than wood doors. This means that they do a slightly better job of keeping out heat and cold.

In essence, if you’re trying to save as much money on energy bills as possible, you should opt for a fiberglass door. By allowing less heat and cold into your home, a fiberglass door will take some of the strain off your furnace and air conditioner. The more strain that’s taken off your furnace and AC, the less energy they will use, and the more money you’ll save.

Weather Resistance

When it comes to weather resistance, fiberglass and wood doors aren’t even in the same ballpark. Whereas fiberglass is designed to withstand all forms of inclement weather, wood is inherently vulnerable to inclement weather.

If a wood door suffers regular water exposure, it will eventually start to rot and warp. While regular maintenance will help it to resist water exposure, it will eventually take its toll.

In contrast, fiberglass doors are designed to stand up to any level of moisture exposure. They could be hit with torrential downpours on a regular basis and still thrive for nearly a century.


Aesthetically speaking, both wood and fiberglass doors are appealing. In fact, fiberglass doors are designed to look like stained wood doors. In other words, the aesthetics of wood and fiberglass doors are extremely similar.

However, if you’re looking for the most natural and rustic aesthetic possible, you’ll want to opt for wood. While fiberglass does a great job at mimicking wood, you can still tell the difference between the two when you look closely.


The fact of the matter is that wood is a maintenance-intensive material. If you buy a wood door, you’re going to have to stain it and/or paint it on a regular basis. You may also need to perform occasional repairs as well.

In contrast, fiberglass doors require almost no maintenance whatsoever. Generally, the only maintenance measure you’ll need to take with fiberglass doors is to clean them. This can be done every once in a while, with a wet washcloth and soap.

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