Storm Doors in Lincolnshire: Are They Worth Installing?


Storm Doors in Lincolnshire: Are They Worth Installing?

There’s nothing wrong with installing a front door without adding a storm door. Front doors are built to withstand outdoor elements and will generally perform admirably throughout the years. However, if you’d like to bring some extra protection to your front doorway, you might consider installing a storm door as well.

Storms doors in Lincolnshire, Illinois offer a number of benefits, providing not only an aesthetic punch to the homes on which they’re installed, but a functional one as well. Curious as to whether you should install a storm door? Read below to find out!

The Advantages of Storm Doors

There are a number of reasons for why you should install a storm door. The primary advantages of storm doors include the following.

Offer Moisture Protection to Front Doors

Here in Lincolnshire, rain and snow are fairly commonplace. Unfortunately, this precipitation has a direct negative effect on fronts doors, particularly if they’re made out of wood. The more water a front door is exposed to, the more damage it’s going to suffer, and the quicker it’s going to wear down and deteriorate.

However, by installing a storm door on your home, you can delay some of this deterioration. This is because the storm door will take the brunt of the water exposure and will essentially prevent your front door from becoming wet at all.

Offer Insect Protection to Front Doors

Another reason to add a storm door to your home is that it will protect your front door from insect infestations. Again, this is particularly true if your front door is made out of wood. When termites and other such insects come into contact with wood, they gnaw away at it, causing it to deteriorate over time.

However, if a storm door is blocking any insects from coming into contact with your front door, they won’t even have the chance to damage it. Instead, they’ll encounter a metal and glass door that is virtually impenetrable to insects.

Supply Additional Insulation

While modern front doors do a fairly good job of providing insulation to homes, they could always use a little extra help. Fortunately, you can provide this help by simply adding a storm door.

A storm door will seal out heat, cold, and even sound, making the interior of your home feel even more comfortable and cozy than it already is.

Supply Additional Security

If you were a burglar, and if you were trying to break into a house, would you rather deal with one door or two? Most burglars will see a storm door on a house and generally pass it up in favor of one without a storm door.

In other words, a storm door provides additional security to a home and acts as a visual repellant to many potential burglars.

Improve the Aesthetic of Your Home

In most cases, when a storm door is added to a home, it improves that home’s aesthetic. It offers a sense of regality to the home and makes it feel just a little more luxurious. Therefore, if you’re looking to make a few aesthetic adjustments to your home, a storm door could be a great addition.

Interested in Installing a Storm Door in Lincolnshire?

Are you interested in installing a storm door for your home? If so, and if you’re looking to install a storm door in Lincolnshire, Illinois, specifically, Aspen Exterior Company is the company to call.

Since our establishment in 1978, we have installed thousands of storm doors throughout the Lincolnshire area and beyond. Our team of skilled and experienced installers will install your door in a quick and professional manner.

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