Everything There is to Know About Cedar Siding: Tip from a Glenview, Illinois Area Home Siding Company


Everything There is to Know About Cedar Siding: Tip from a Glenview, Illinois Area Home Siding Company

Thinking about replacing your home’s siding this year? Looking for a unique and reliable material? If so, you might consider going with cedar.

Cedar siding has a number of benefits, some of which can’t be found in other siding materials. While it has its downsides as well, it’s an overall terrific material to utilize.

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The Benefits of Cedar Siding

There are many benefits of cedar siding, and they far outweigh the negatives that it carries. The primary of these benefits includes the following.


One of the biggest benefits of cedar siding is that it provides a unique and attractive aesthetic to any home upon which it’s installed. By installing this siding on your home, you’ll help it to stand out amongst all the other homes in the neighborhood.

Capable of being painted any color (or stained), cedar siding can take on a number of different looks. Whether you’re looking for something regal, something rustic, or something in between, it can accommodate you.


While it’s not the most durable siding material in existence (that distinction belongs to fiber cement), cedar siding is still very durable. When properly maintained, it can thrive for anywhere from 30 to 40 years. Even if not maintained, it would likely still give you around 20 years of use.


In addition to being durable, cedar siding is also quite tough. While it’s vulnerable to sunlight and moisture, it’s not anywhere near as vulnerable as most other types of wood. Plus, it’s highly resistant to physical trauma, staying intact upon impact with stones, baseballs, and other such entities.

Environmentally Friendly

In terms of environmental friendliness, cedar is one of the best siding materials there is. Entirely biodegradable, it can be disposed of without causing any harm to the environment.

Energy Efficient

If it’s an energy efficient siding material you’re looking for, cedar has you covered. This material does a terrific job of sealing out heat, cold, and sound, reducing the cost of energy bills and creating a peaceful home environment.

The Drawbacks of Cedar Siding

While cedar siding is arguably the best siding material in existence, it’s not perfect. It has two primary drawbacks, which include the following.


The primary reason that cedar siding isn’t more popular is that it’s expensive. Not only does it cost a great deal to install, but it also costs a great deal to maintain over time. As such, most homeowners lack the funds necessary to install and care for it.

Note, however, that when properly maintained, cedar siding can last almost twice as long as vinyl or engineered wood. Therefore, while its costs may exceed the costs of some other siding materials, its costs are also spread out over a longer period of time.

Vulnerable to Inclement Weather

The great thing about vinyl, fiber cement and engineered wood siding is that, whether they’re properly maintained or not, they can thrive through all types of weather conditions. Unfortunately, this is not true of cedar siding.

While cedar siding can withstand some weather abuse, you can only get the most out of it by maintaining it on a regular basis. Cedar siding maintenance is fairly intensive, requiring not only staining and sealing, but crack repair and termite prevention as well.

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