Five Signs That You Need New Siding: Insights from a Deer Park Home Remodeling Company

New wood and stone exterior siding on a house in Deer Park, Illinois

Five Signs That You Need New Siding: Insights from a Deer Park Home Remodeling Company

Have you had the same siding on your house for a long time now? On the surface, it may still seem fairly functional. However, you might be wondering: is it time to make a change?

It just might be. The key is to look out for a few specific signs. Not sure what signs to look out for? Then read below — this Deer Park home remodeling company has you covered.

1. Your Energy Bills are Going Up

One sign that your siding might be past its prime is that your energy bills are continuously increasing. Why might bad siding cause your energy bills to increase? Because siding provides insulation to your home, and when it deteriorates, much of that insulation is lost. As a result, your heater and/or air conditioner are forced to work harder, thereby consuming more energy.

Now, this isn’t to say that your siding is definitely the cause of your skyrocketing energy bills. In fact, a variety of other factors (old windows, a deteriorating HVAC system, etc.) could cause the same problem. However, if it happens in concert with other signs on this list, your siding is very likely the culprit.

2. Your Siding is Cracked

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time for a siding replacement is that your siding is cracked. Cracked siding allows water to pass through it and into the structural components of the home. In doing so, it fails to perform its function, and until it’s been replaced (or repaired), it’s likely going to cause other issues with your home.

Oftentimes, single-panel replacements will suffice in fixing this problem. In more severe cases, it might be better to just replace all the siding panels in their entirety.

3. Your Siding is Warped

A clear-cut sign that your siding should be replaced is that it’s warped and misshapen. Siding that’s warped and misshapen isn’t capable of providing the protection necessary and will, therefore, allow the structure of your home to suffer deterioration. Allowing warped siding to remain can eventually lead to major issues with your home.

The best option is to have your siding replaced now so that the problem doesn’t grow worse. In the end, you’ll be glad that you did when you’re not having to shell out thousands to repair widespread water damage.

4. Your Interior Paint is Peeling

Another sign to look out for is peeling interior paint. If the paint on your interior walls starts to peel, it’s likely because it’s experiencing some sort of water damage. If it’s experiencing water damage, deteriorated siding very well could be the cause.

There’s only one long-term method for fixing this situation: you should replace your exterior siding.

5. Your Siding Looks Old

Your siding doesn’t need to be functionally impaired in order to justify a replacement. Aesthetics are more than enough reason to make a change. As such, if your siding looks old (like it’s from the 90s, for instance), you shouldn’t hesitate or wait to make a change.

Remember: siding comprises almost the entirety of your home’s exterior aesthetic. Therefore, if it looks outdated, your home as a whole is probably going to look that way as well. Make a replacement and provide your home with the attractive look that it deserves!

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