Do You Need a Front Door Replacement in Inverness? Four Signs That You Do

New front door at a house in Inverness, Illinois

Do You Need a Front Door Replacement in Inverness? Four Signs That You Do

As homeowners, we use our doors so often that we sort of just take them for granted. As such, when a door begins to deteriorate, we often don’t notice until someone points it out.

The question is: how can you tell when a door needs to be replaced? Do you currently need a door replacement for your Inverness home? To make that determination, all you have to do is look out for the following four signs:

1. There are Heavy Drafts Coming Through Your Door

Doors are essentially like moveable sections of a wall. When you need to make your way through them, they open up. Otherwise, they stand in concert with the rest of the wall where they’re attached, preventing the inward flow of heat, cold, moisture, sound, and other elements.

Unfortunately, however, once a door has taken on deterioration, it will start to allow these elements to make their way inside, resulting in a number of issues.

Perhaps the most obvious of these issues is wind drafts. For instance, during the summer months, you’ll feel hot air pouring through the area around the door. Conversely, during the winter months, you’ll feel cold air pouring through the area around the door.

Not only can this reduce the comfort of your home, but it can also place undue strain on your HVAC system. Fortunately, it’s a problem that can be easily fixed — all you need to do is install a new door.

2. Your Door Squeaks Excessively

It’s not uncommon for a front door to squeak from time to time. This is just the effect of metal rubbing against metal. Fortunately, in most cases, door squeaking can be eliminated with a bit of WD40 to the hinges.

However, this is not always the case. If your door continues to squeak after you’ve applied WD40, there’s reason to believe that its hinges are irreparably damaged. Odds are, they’ve taken on rust. If this is the case, you’ll need to change them in order to fix the noise issue.

You can do so either by replacing the hinges themselves, or by replacing the door entirely. Your local home remodeling company can help you make the decision.

3. Your Door Is Cracked

Maybe your front door was hit by an errant baseball? Perhaps the wood has split after years of weather exposure? Regardless of how it happens, a cracked door is never a good thing.

A cracked door is not just aesthetically impaired, but functionally impaired as well. In addition to allowing heat and cold to flow into its corresponding house, it also allows sound waves and insects to make their way inside.

For this reason, if your door is cracked, it’s recommended that you either repair it or replace it. A home remodeling company can help you with this task.

4. Your Door Scrapes the Floor

Over time, houses shift with the soil. Generally speaking, this doesn’t always lead to major issues. What it can cause, however, is door misalignments. This is most typically presented as a door that scrapes against the floor.

Does your door scrape against the floor every time you open and close it? In some cases, this can be fixed with a realignment. In other cases, the door will need to be replaced entirely.

Need a Front Door Replacement in Inverness, Illinois?

Is your door demonstrating signs of deterioration? Do you need a front door replacement in Inverness, Illinois? If so, we here at Aspen Exterior are the people to see.

We have installed new front doors on countless homes in Inverness and its surrounding areas. Regardless of the type of door you’re looking to install, our team can assist you.

Contact us today to get started!

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