Siding Replacement in Long Grove, Illinois: When Is It Necessary?

New wood siding on a house in Long Grove, Illinois

Siding Replacement in Long Grove, Illinois: When Is It Necessary?

Residential siding is designed to last for decades. However, once it reaches a certain point, it loses its ability to provide adequate coverage, and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Are you wondering what this point is? Curious as to whether you need a siding replacement in Long Grove, Illinois? If you can answer ‘yes’ to one of the questions below, you just might.

Is Your Siding Cracked?

One sign that you might need new siding is that your siding is cracked. If your siding has a crack in it, it’s not providing sufficient coverage, and could be allowing everything from moisture to cold to heat to insects into your home.

If you’re not careful, this crack could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. It could also put you out of your home for weeks as that damage is being repaired.

Get the affected siding panel replaced as soon as possible. If you’re dealing with many cracks in many panels, have the entirety of your siding replaced instead.

Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

Another sign that your siding might need replaced is that your energy bills are progressively increasing. See, if your siding is letting cold and heat through, it’s going to cause your heater and air conditioner to work harder than they would have to otherwise. This will result in increased energy usage and, therefore, increased energy costs.

Now, there are a number of other factors that could be contributing to this as well. For instance, your roofing could be letting heat and cold through instead. Note, though, that the siding is a common culprit.

In any case, call up your local home remodeling company and have them carry out an inspection. Odds are, something needs to be replaced.

Is Your Siding Warped?

Over time, siding is exposed to a substantial amount of moisture. This moisture doesn’t affect the siding initially, but eventually, it causes the siding to start warping. In other words, it causes it to bend, misshape, and curl up at the edges.

The issue with warping is that it prevents siding from providing adequate coverage. It opens up gaps through which water can travel, allowing that water to travel to the structural components of the house. This eventually results in damage, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

As such, if the siding is warped, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Your local home remodeling company can assist you.

Does Your Siding Look Bad?

The last sign that you need to replace your siding is that it looks bad. After all, your home’s siding is essentially its entire exterior aesthetic. As such, if it’s impaired, the aesthetic of your entire home is impaired as well.

For instance, maybe your siding’s colors have faded? If your siding is made out of wood, you could keep it going by repainting it. However, if the siding is made out of vinyl, there’s nothing you can do to touch up its color. It’s essentially reached the end of its aesthetic line.

Or, maybe your siding was trendy in its time but is now antiquated? As a result, your home pales in comparison to its neighbors. The only way to bring it up to speed is to have your siding replaced entirely.

Need a Siding Replacement in Long Grove, Illinois?

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