How to Tell If Your Home Needs New Siding: Tips from an Exterior Siding Company in Glenview, Illinois

Exterior siding company in Glenview Illinois

How to Tell If Your Home Needs New Siding: Tips from an Exterior Siding Company in Glenview, Illinois

Depending on its material, exterior siding can last anywhere from 30 years to 70 years, and sometimes longer. But regardless of the type of siding you have, there will eventually come a time when it needs to be replaced.

You might be wondering: how can you tell when it’s time to replace your home’s siding? Fortunately, there are a few obvious signs. This exterior siding company in Glenview, Illinois is going to review them below.

Is Your Siding Warped?

One sign that you need new siding is that your siding is warped. In other words, it possesses a curved appearance. If your siding is curved in this manner, it’s because it’s been subject to substantial water and sunlight exposure. This happens to all wood siding eventually, though it can be limited with proper maintenance.

Once it is warped, however, there’s nothing you can do to repair it. The best option is to contact a professional exterior siding company in Glenview, Illinois to discuss a replacement.

If you don’t replace it, your home will be left without the proper coverage. This can lead to water damage, insulation issues, insect infestations, and a host of other issues.

Is Your Siding Cracked?

Siding becomes cracked for a variety of reasons. In some cases, weathering is to blame. In other cases, direct physical trauma is the issue. Regardless, until those cracks are fixed, your siding will have inadequate coverage.

Your siding may be able to be repaired. However, in many cases, it’s necessary to replace the entire panel of siding.

In these situations, it’s best to call your local Glenview siding replacement company and have them inspect your siding and determine the best course of action.

Have Your Energy Bills Been Getting Higher?

The last sign that you need a siding replacement is that your energy bills have been getting higher. Why would this correlate to damaged siding? Because one of the responsibilities of siding is to provide insulation. If your energy bills are getting higher, it could be because your siding is losing its insulative quality.

This is a natural part of siding’s deterioration. As such, the only way to combat it is to replace your siding entirely. Your local siding replacement company in Glenview, Illinois can help you with the task.

Is the Paint Inside Your Home Peeling?

Another sign to look out for is peeling paint. Specifically, if the paint on the walls inside your home is peeling, your siding is probably lacking in protection.

This is often an indication that water is making its way through your siding and is reaching your home’s drywall. This is softening up the drywall, which is causing the paint to crack and peel.

Note, at this point, peeling paint is the least of your worries. If you allow this to continue, you could find yourself subject to thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage.

The best option may be to replace your siding. It will provide the necessary protection, keeping your home safe for years to come. Any reputable exterior siding company in Glenview, Illinois can help you with the replacement process, ensuring that your siding is installed properly.

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