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By installing cedar siding on your home, you can give your home a unique aesthetic that will be unmatched by most other homes in your neighborhood. However, this unique aesthetic will come at a price.Not only will cedar siding necessitate that you pay higher upfront costs, it will generally necessitate that you carry out a great deal of maintenance as well. Wondering what exactly this maintenance entails? This post will help explain.Here is a guide to caring for cedar siding in Barrington, Illinois.

Want to get as many years as possible out of your siding? If so, you are going to need to carry out some regular maintenance. This is true regardless of whether you have vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, cedar siding, steel siding, or otherwise.However, the type of maintenance you’ll need to carry out will vary based on what type of siding you have. Wondering what type of maintenance your siding requires? Here are some tips for maintaining different types of siding in Schaumburg, Illinois.
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