How to Maintain Cedar Siding in Barrington


How to Maintain Cedar Siding in Barrington

By installing cedar siding on your home, you can give your home a unique aesthetic that will be unmatched by most other homes in your neighborhood. However, this unique aesthetic will come at a price.

Not only will cedar siding necessitate that you pay higher upfront costs, it will generally necessitate that you carry out a great deal of maintenance as well. Wondering what exactly this maintenance entails? This post will help explain.

Here is a guide to caring for cedar siding in Barrington, Illinois.

What Poses a Risk to Cedar Siding?

There are several things that pose a particular danger to cedar siding, causing it to deteriorate before its time. In most cases, these entities include sunlight, insects, and moisture.


If you live in an area with excessive amounts of sunlight, your cedar siding is perpetually under assault. Cedar siding can withstand some sunlight, but constant sunlight could cause it to buckle, resulting in the formation of cracks and warpage. For this reason, if you live in an area with heavy sunlight, your cedar siding should to be treated on a regular basis.


Regardless of the climate you live in, insect infestations are a possibility. These infestations can affect not only the inside of your home, but its exterior as well. Your siding, in particular, is extremely vulnerable to the wrath of insects. Once they make their way into your siding, they can gnaw at it incessantly, causing it to wear away slowly.


In most cases, when cedar siding deteriorates prematurely, it’s due to moisture exposure. Moisture is essentially the kryptonite of cedar siding. Once it works its way into the interior of your siding, it can cause it to warp, peel, and curl.

In many cases, moisture can negatively affect cedar siding to the point that it has to be replaced. That’s why regular maintenance is of utmost importance.

Barrington Cedar Siding Maintenance and Repair Measures

In order to keep your cedar siding in good shape, it’s wise to carry out a variety of maintenance and repair measures. Below, we’ll talk about how to deal with specific problems that your siding might encounter.

Dealing with Sun Damage

If your siding has suffered sun damage, there is something you can do to return it to its original aesthetic. All you have to do is wet your siding with a hose, and then apply a wood cleaner to its surface. This will cause the sun damaged portions of the siding to peel off, exposing the healthy siding below.

Preventing the Negative Effects of Moisture

To prevent the negative effects of moisture to your siding, it’s recommended that you stain it. Staining your siding every 3 to 5 years can protect it from inclement weather, ensuring that it thrives for decades and decades of use.

Patching Up Small Cosmetic Defects

If your siding has taken on small cosmetic defects due to insect infestations or physical trauma, you can patch those defects up with a wood putty.

Replacing Full Panels

In some cases, your siding could suffer irreparable damage. If this occurs, you will have to pry it off with a crowbar and replace it with all new siding. This can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is often best-handled by a professional exterior remodeling company.

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