Wood vs Vinyl Windows: A Comparison

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Wood vs Vinyl Windows: A Comparison

Maybe you’re thinking about installing new windows on your home, but aren’t sure of which type to choose?

Both wood and vinyl windows have benefits and downsides which separate them from one another. While some homeowners would be better suited by vinyl windows, others would be better suited by wood. 

In order to help you decide your winner in the contest of wood vs vinyl windows, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of each.  Keep reading to decide which type of window is best for you.



  1. Provide Terrific Insulation

When it comes to keeping cold and warm air from exiting and entering your home, no type of window does a better job than wood. So, while wood windows can be a little costly initially, they typically pay themselves off in the form of lower energy bills.  

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood windows come in all different styles and designs, and can be painted in all different colors. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, you can do it with wood windows. There is an essentially endless array of designs to choose from.

  1. Wide Variety of Colors

Want red windows? Maybe you’re better represented with blue? Perhaps you’re a traditionalist and just want a natural wood color? In any case, you will be accommodated with wood windows. They can be painted and finished in any color that you like.


  1. Expensive

While wood windows can provide a dazzling aesthetic and terrific insulation capabilities to your home, they do it at a price. Compared to vinyl windows, wood windows are more expensive. Of course, because they are capable of such reliable insulation, you won’t have to pay as much money on energy bills.

  1. Require Maintenance

Another negative aspect of wood windows is that, in order for them to thrive both aesthetically and functionally, they need to be regularly maintained. Not only do the frames need to be cleaned with wood cleaner, but they need to be touched up with sealants, oils, and varnishes as well.



  1. Inexpensive

When you look at most homes, you’ll see that they have vinyl windows. The probable reason for this is that they are much less expensive than wood windows. The cheapest way to build a new home is by building it with vinyl windows.

  1. No Maintenance Required

Another reason that vinyl windows are often used is that they’re extremely low-maintenance, especially compared to wood. In most cases, you won’t have to perform any maintenance on your vinyl windows whatsoever.


  1. Lack Color Variety

Though they’re not as lacking as they once were, vinyl windows are still behind wood in terms of color options. Whereas wood can be painted just about any color under the sun, vinyl windows are generally limited to more neutral colors such as white and black.

  1. Aesthetically Boring

While it’s certainly up to personal interpretation, many would describe the general style of vinyl windows as “boring.” They don’t necessarily have a bad appearance, it just doesn’t measure up to the appearance of wood.

  1. Limited Insulation Capabilities

For the most part, vinyl windows do not offer great insulative properties. While they don’t attract heat and cold, they’re usually not thick enough to prevent extreme heat and cold from entering and exiting. However, there are vinyl frames available which contain insulation within them. These do a much better job than standard vinyl windows.

Wood vs Vinyl Windows: Which is Better?

Which type of window would you say is the winner of the wood vs vinyl windows battle? Both types of windows have their perks and downfalls, and are likely not equally appreciated by all consumers.

If you’ve got a need for new windows, we at Aspen Exterior Company can help you. We’ve got a huge selection of windows available, all of which can be installed by our trained and experienced team of workers. If you are in the Arlington Heights area, give us a call and we will provide a free consultation and estimate.

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