5 Reasons to Install New Window Frames

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5 Reasons to Install New Window Frames

Windows frames are important for a number of different reasons. Not only do they provide an inviting aesthetic to your windows, they also supply your windows with the structural reinforcement needed to thrive.

But, as with everything in this world, window frames do age. At some point, they stop functioning in the way that they once did. It’s at this point that they need to be replaced. 

So how will you know when your window frames have reached this point? What are the reasons to install new window frames? Read on to find out.

  1. You Can Hear Cars Coming from a Mile Away

Windows shouldn’t only be keeping out physical entities. They should also be keeping out loud, annoying noises. While some noises are bound to be heard regardless of how strong your window frames are, noises of moderate volume should not be leaking through your windows.

Can you hear cars zooming down your road even though they’re hundreds of feet away? Do you hear birds chirping on a regular basis?

If so, you could probably do with some new window frames. Firmly installing new frames will ensure that no undue noise leaks into your living quarters.

  1. Your Energy Bills Seem Inordinately High

In addition to keeping out noise, your windows should also be keeping out heat and cold. If they’re not, it’s probably a sign that you need to replace your window frames.

Window frames are subject to quite a bit of damage over time. Not only do they come into contact with water on a regular basis, but dirt and sunlight as well. All of this will slowly damage your frames until they no longer fit quite as firmly as they once did.

When your frames are no longer airtight, they will begin to let in heat and cold. This will cause your AC and furnace to work harder, upping your energy bills.

  1. You Struggle to Open Your Windows

On some occasions, window frames can become so damaged that they prevent windows from being opened with ease. In some cases, they can prevent windows from being opened at all.

If this is the case with your window frames, it’s absolutely time for a replacement. The reason your window is not opening is because your frames have warped to the point of not maintaining the structural integrity of the window.

And who wants a window that won’t open?

  1. Your Current Frames Look Outdated

A simple, but entirely understandable reason to change your window frames is if they’re no longer in style. Even something as small as window frames can alter the aesthetic of your home, dragging down the rest of the home’s aesthetic with them.

In fact, you might be surprised at what a fresh set of window frames can do for the aesthetic of your house. For some homes, it can result in an entirely new look.

  1. Your Current Frames are Deteriorating

Maybe your current frames are showing signs of major deterioration? Perhaps they’re visibly warped and curved?

If so, they’re only going to get worse. And as they get worse, they won’t only look worse, they’ll perform worse as well.

Your best bet is to replace them so that they no longer continue to detract from the aesthetic and performance of your home.

Ready to Install New Window Frames?

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