Wood Windows vs Vinyl Windows: A Comparison


Wood Windows vs Vinyl Windows: A Comparison

While windows are designed to hold up over a fairly long period of time, they will, at some point, meet their demise. When this happens, your home is affected not only aesthetically, but functionally as well.

This is why, when your windows have become deteriorated, you need to have them replaced in a timely manner. Perhaps you’re looking to replace your windows, but aren’t sure of which type to choose?

Both wood and vinyl windows have their benefits and their deficiencies as well. Let’s compare the two types of windows so that you can make an educated choice.

Wood Windows


1. Endless Color Options

One of the great things about wood windows is that they can be painted literally any color you want them to be painted. If you wish, you can also opt to not paint them, giving your house an elegant and rustic look.

2. Excellent Insulation

Looking to insulate your home as much as technologically possible? If so, wood windows are the way to go. Because they’re thick and solid, they allow almost no heat or air to escape through them, keeping your home’s temperature regulated at all times.

3. Elegant Aesthetic

While aesthetics are totally subject to personal preference, for most, wood windows are considered to be classy and elegant. Unlike vinyl windows, which are often seen as cheap, wood windows are seen as upscale and high-class.


1. Require a Great Deal of Maintenance

While wood windows are elegant and capable of aesthetic variation, they are also rather high-maintenance. Though they can last for a long period of time, they can only do so if they’re regularly stained and finished. For some, the maintenance associated with wood windows is a deal breaker.

2. Relatively Expensive

Compared to vinyl windows, wood windows are on the expensive side. In addition to having higher upfront costs, they also come with higher maintenance costs.


Vinyl Windows


1. Little Maintenance Required

Where vinyl windows undoubtedly have wood windows beat is in maintenance. Once vinyl windows are installed, they require almost no maintenance at all. Resistant to water, they will only need a washing every now and then.

2. Inexpensive

In terms of both upfront costs and maintenance costs, vinyl windows are cheaper than wood windows. You can typically find vinyl windows for about ¾ of the price of wood windows.

3. Very Durable

In addition to being cheaper than wood windows, vinyl windows are also typically more durable than wood windows. Add in the fact that vinyl windows require almost no maintenance, and it’s difficult not to opt for them.


1. Limited Color Options

While vinyl windows are available in quite a few colors, they don’t possess the color variability of wood windows. Wood windows can be painted in any color you see fit. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are only available in the colors in which they are manufactured.

2. Questionable Insulation

The simple fact of the matter is that many vinyl windows provide average or less than average insulation. Because they’re made out of a rather thin material, they generally allow heat and cold to pass through without much of a fight. To put it simply: wood windows are more insulative.

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