Window Installation in Glenview, Illinois: Wood or Vinyl?


Window Installation in Glenview, Illinois: Wood or Vinyl?

Perhaps you’re in the process of building a new home? Maybe you’re making some renovations to your current house? In any case, you have a need for new windows in Glenview, Illinois. The question now is: what type of windows should you choose?

The two most popular types of windows on the market today are wood windows and vinyl windows. Both types of windows provide plenty of advantages, but have their fair share of disadvantages as well.

To help you choose between the two types, we’re going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages at length. Read on to learn more!


When properly cared for, both wood and vinyl windows provide plenty of durability. Typically, you can expect to get at least 30 years out of both. However, if you really make an effort to maintain wood windows, you might be able to get up to 50 years out of them.

When properly maintained, both types of windows can withstand a beating — that includes rain, hail, snow, sunlight, or physical trauma. All in all, when it comes to durability, these two window materials are fairly equal. There’s no remarkable difference between the two.

Energy Efficiency

In the past, wood windows were considered to be substantially more energy efficient than vinyl windows. However, times have changed. These days, wood windows and vinyl windows provide very similar levels of insulation.

This is due to the fact that vinyl windows are now typically equipped with foam inlays. These inlays act as terrific insulators, sealing out both heat and cold.

In general, you won’t notice a major difference in energy costs between vinyl windows and wood windows. Both types do a great job of conserving energy.


Aesthetically speaking, wood windows are typically considered to be more attractive than vinyl windows. This isn’t to say that vinyl windows are ugly; they’re not bad to look at, even in the slightest. However, while wood windows have a classic and traditional look to them, vinyl windows sometimes have a discounted look to them, depending on who you ask.

In terms of color options, wood windows reign supreme when compared to vinyl. While vinyl windows are available in quite a few colors, they can’t be painted like wood windows. This, in effect, limits their color options.


When it comes to maintenance, it’s not even close: wood windows require a great deal more maintenance than vinyl windows. In fact, for the most part, vinyl windows are very low-maintenance. They might need to be cleaned every once in a while, but that’s about it.

Wood windows, on the other hand, need to be cleaned, stained, sanded, and repaired on a fairly regular basis. They are very high-maintenance windows.


Vinyl windows are a cheaper option than wood windows. There are rarely any exceptions to this. In fact, vinyl windows are the cheapest types of windows in the world. For this reason, they are also the most popular.

Wood windows can cost as much as double the price of vinyl windows; and those are just initial costs. After maintenance costs are added in, wood windows can be exponentially more expensive than vinyl.

Utilize Window Installation Services in Glenview, Illinois

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