Should You Replace Your Glenview Front Door? Things to Consider


Should You Replace Your Glenview Front Door? Things to Consider

Because they’re used nearly every day, front doors tend to take on a great deal of wear and tear. Over time, they lose their efficiency, failing to stop the flow of heat, cold, sound, and moisture. Eventually, they will reach a point of no return, and will have to be replaced.

The question is: how you can you tell when your front door has lost its ability to perform its function properly? Should you replace your front door now? Here are some things to consider when thinking about replacing your Glenview, Illinois front door.

Is Your Home Drafty?

A sure sign that your door is not performing up to expectations is if it’s allowing large drafts to make their way into your home. If you feel an excess of heat by your door during the summertime, or an excess of cold by your door during the wintertime, your door is not sealing out the elements in the way that it’s designed to.

Unfortunately, this is typical of every door’s lifespan. At first, it will do a terrific job of sealing out heat and cold. However, over time, it will become progressively more deteriorated, slowly allowing in more and more hot and cold air.

There are ways to reduce drafts that come in through your door. However, if you’ve had your door for a decade or two, you might want to just consider having it replaced.

Is Your Door Cracked?

If you have a wood door, it’s always at risk of becoming cracked. Everything from moisture, to heat, to direct physical trauma can cause a wood door to crack or split. This is just an unfortunate consequence of wood doors.

While you can repair cracked wood doors, it’s often wise to simply have them replaced entirely. A wood filler can often fill up small cracks in a sufficient enough manner. However, if the crack is particularly large, you’ll probably be better off by having your door replaced altogether.

In any case, a Glenview home remodeling company will be able to help you. Such a company can make cosmetic and functional repairs, or install an entirely new door for you.

Are Your Door Hinges Exceedingly Squeaky?

Does your door squeak when you open it? If so, you probably don’t have any reason to worry. Most door hinge squeaking isn’t a cause for concern, and can usually be handled with an application of WD-40.

However, if the squeaking from your door hinges is loud enough to wake up the entire house, your door is likely past its expiration date. At this point, the only thing you can do to eliminate the squeaking is to have your door replaced.

Does Your Door Scrape Against the Floor?

When you open and close your door, do you notice the bottom of the door scraping against the floor? If so, it more than likely needs to be replaced.

When doors start scraping against the ground, it’s usually because they have become warped in some manner. In some cases, repairs can help to get the bottom of a door up off of the ground. In most cases, however, a replacement will be needed.

In Need of Door Replacement in Glenview, Illinois?

Is your front door demonstrating extreme signs of wear and tear? Are you in need of a door replacement in Glenview, Illinois? Aspen Exterior Company has you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a wood door or a fiberglass door, our team of skilled and experienced installation specialists will have it installed in no time.

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