Window Replacement in Lincolnshire, Illinois: Is it Time?


Window Replacement in Lincolnshire, Illinois: Is it Time?

Windows are generally very tough. However, at some point, they will cease to function as intended. When this time arrives, a full replacement is usually needed.

The question you probably have is: when is a window replacement in Lincolnshire, Illinois necessary? Is right now the appropriate time to replace your windows?

Generally, if you can answer ‘yes’ to the follow questions, a window replacement could be needed.

Is Your Home Drafty?

A sure sign that your windows aren’t getting the job done is if they’re letting through gusts of air. If your home is drafty on a regular basis, and if those drafts tend to come from the direction of your windows, those windows have likely passed their prime.

This is just a natural part of the window aging process. While there are some things you can do to reduce drafts, the only sure way to eliminate them is by having your windows replaced entirely. A home remodeling company can get the job done for you.

Are Your Energy Bills Getting More Expensive?

How are your electric and gas bills looking as of late? Do they seem to be higher than they once were? If so, your windows could very well be at the root of the problem.

As windows age and deteriorate, they let through more and more heat and cold. The more heat and cold that your windows let through, the harder your heater and air conditioner must work to keep up. Obviously, the greater the heater and air conditioner usage, the higher the monthly energy costs.

Fortunately, modern windows offer superb insulation. When you have them installed, you will soon notice your energy bill costs go back to where they once were.

Can You Hear Quiet, Outdoor Noises?

Another sign that your windows are in need of replacement is if you can hear quiet, outdoor noises from the inside of your home. If you can hear traffic from a quarter mile away or so, or crickets chirping at night, your windows probably aren’t getting the job done.

Generally, the best option is to have them inspected by a pro exterior remodeling company. If the company finds your windows to be exceedingly outdated, you can have them replaced.

Is Your Window Difficult to Open?

Do your windows slide right open, or are they difficult to open and close? If you have to strain every time you go to open a window in your house, something is awry.

Over time, as windows are subjected to moisture, foundation shifting, and sunlight, they tend to warp. Eventually, they will warp to the point that they become misaligned, putting a great deal of friction on their corresponding sashes. Thus, they can become difficult to open.

Though WD-40 might help to reduce some of the friction, the only long-term solution is to have your window replaced.

Is Your Window Old?

Generally, windows last between 15 and 50 years. Once they reach this age range, they usually start to decline in performance.

If your windows have reached this age, you might want to start thinking about a replacement. There are plenty of energy efficient windows on the market today. Installing them will improve the aesthetic, insulation, and functionality of your home.

In Need of Window Replacement in Lincolnshire?

Is it time for a window replacement? If so, and if you’re interested in utilizing professional window replacement company in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Aspen Exterior has you covered.

Over the years, our team of window installation specialists has installed thousands of windows throughout the Lincolnshire area. Offering a wide variety of window styles, we’re sure to have something you like.

Contact us now to discuss your window needs!

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