Comparing Window Companies in Schaumburg, Illinois


Comparing Window Companies in Schaumburg, Illinois

There is no shortage of window manufacturers in the world today. Some of these manufacturers produce truly high-quality windows, and others come up a little short. The best window manufacturers become the best by creating windows that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superb.

Trying to figure out which window manufacturer you should buy your windows from? If so, this article should help. Below, we’re going to review the top window companies in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Pella Windows

Pella is one of the premier window manufacturers in the world today. A manufacturer of vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows, this company is always on the cutting edge of window innovation.

Regardless of the style of window you’re looking to install, Pella has it. Their selection includes everything from awning windows, to casement windows, to hung windows, to bay windows, and more. They also offer a wide variety of specialty windows.

Offering lifetime limited warranties on all of their windows, they are as reputable a company as you’re going to find. You can’t go wrong with Pella.

Andersen Windows

Like Pella, Andersen Windows if a top-tier manufacturer. This company creates windows from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum, and fiberglass.

They too offer a number of different window styles, including but not limited to picture windows, gliding windows, awning windows, and specialty windows.

Each of Andersen’s windows comes with a warranty of some type, most of which cover glass for 20 years and frames for 10 years. All of Andersen’s warranties are transferable from homeowner to homeowner.

Sierra Pacific Windows

While Sierra Pacific makes windows out of a number of materials (vinyl, aluminum, and wood), their wood windows are their crown jewels. Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, but functionally excellent as well.

This company manufactures windows in a number of different styles, including awning, casement, and sliding, to name just a few. They also manufacture a variety of specialty windows.

Warranties for Sierra Pacific windows come with 10-year parts coverage and 20-year insulated glass coverage.

Soft-Lite Windows

When it comes to vinyl windows, arguably no window manufacturing company surpasses Soft-Lite. This company specializes solely in vinyl windows, and has been truly instrumental in their innovation over the years.

Soft-lite makes windows of all kinds, including but not limited to awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, and hung windows. There are also a number of specialty windows available from Soft-Lite.

When it comes to warranties, Soft-Lite is as good as it gets. They offer lifetime limited warranties on all of their windows, ensuring that their customers don’t have to pay for problems that they didn’t create.

Marvin Windows

Another top-tier window manufacturing company, Marvin excels in the creation of all types of windows. Not only do they make windows out of high-quality wood, but out of aluminum and fiberglass as well.

When it comes to window styles, there is nothing that Marvin doesn’t offer. Marvin provides casement windows, corner windows, awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, and a variety of others.

Marvin offers warranties on all of their windows, and all of those warranties are limited lifetime ones. Should they suffer damage as a result of manufacturing flaws at any point during their use, they will be eligible for a fully-covered repair or replacement.

Hoping to Install New Windows in Schaumburg, Illinois?

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