Is it Time for New Windows? Here Are Five Ways to Tell: Advise from an Arlington Heights Windows Company


Is it Time for New Windows? Here Are Five Ways to Tell: Advise from an Arlington Heights Windows Company

Generally, you can expect a set of windows to thrive for between 20 and 30 years. Once they reach this age, they typically start to decline rapidly. For this reason, replacement is soon needed.

Have your windows reached an old age? Wondering if it’s time for a window replacement in Arlington Heights? Below, we’re going to review 5 of the best ways to tell for sure.

1. You Can Hear Traffic Before You Can See It

A good window should be able to seal out not only heat and cold, but sound as well. Therefore, if you can hear traffic whirring by your house before you can even see it, your windows are not doing their job properly.

Noisy windows are also lacking in energy efficiency, meaning that they are forcing your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder than they otherwise would. Looking for a long-term solution? A window replacement would be wise.

2. Your Home is Drafty

Do your windows let in cold air during the winter time? Do they let in hot air during the summertime? If so, they’re drafty, and are likely in need of a change.

When windows let in drafts, they are indicating a lack of energy efficiency. Until you have them replaced, your energy bills are only going to get costlier and costlier.

3. Your Windows are Difficult to Open and Close

Opening your windows should be easy. They are designed to glide open with a simple flick of the wrist. If, instead, you feel like you have to pry your windows open and slam them closed, they are more than likely in need of a change.

Windows shift over time. As they shift, their sashes place more friction against their frames. As a result, more resistance presents itself, making them more difficult to open. While repairs can sometimes make a difference, a full replacement is often needed.

4. You Have Trouble Locking Your Windows

Another sign that your windows have shifted past the point of no return is if you have trouble locking them. Windows should lock with little to no resistance. If you have to strategically wedge them together every time you go to close them, something is awry.

Generally, once a window reaches this point, it can’t be repaired. The only viable solution is a full replacement.

5. The Costs of Your Energy Bills are Increasing

Energy bill costs rise for a variety of reasons. However, in some cases, your windows are to blame.

As windows deteriorate and break down, they do a worse and worse job of keeping out heat and cold. As such, they force air conditioners and heaters to work much harder than they would otherwise have to in order to maintain indoor temperatures.

What happens when ACs and furnaces are forced to work harder than they normally would? They require more energy and, ultimately, cost more money to run.

If you want to take the strain off of your air conditioner and furnace, you should consider having your windows replaced. If you notice rising energy costs while also noticing some of the signs reviewed above, your windows are almost certainly the problem, and almost certainly need to be changed.

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