Materials for New Windows in Glenview: Vinyl vs Wood


Materials for New Windows in Glenview: Vinyl vs Wood

Making some changes to your home? Thinking about swapping out the windows? If so, you’re going to have to choose a material.

The two most common window materials are vinyl and wood, each of which provides plenty of upsides, but some downsides as well. Wondering how these two materials compare against one another? Need help choosing the right new window material in Glenview? If so, we have you covered.


Aesthetically speaking, wood windows are generally considered to be superior to vinyl windows. Not only do they provide a more natural aesthetic, but they can also be painted any color you wish.

This isn’t to say that vinyl windows look bad. They just have more of a mass-manufactured feel to them. Plus, because they can’t be painted, their colors are limited.

That being said, both wood windows and vinyl windows can help to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. They’re both available in a number of styles and colors, giving you a large selection to choose from.


In terms of durability, vinyl windows typically come out on top. Generally lasting for between 30 and 40 years, they’re extremely resistant to both moisture and sunlight. While they can be cracked by physical trauma, the odds are fairly low.

Wood windows, in comparison, generally last for around 20 years. This is because, unlike vinyl windows, they’re highly susceptible to moisture and sunlight. As such, even with regular maintenance, they tend to deteriorate relatively quickly.

In essence, if you want to get the most value for your money, you should go with vinyl. It offers tons of durability at an affordable price.

Maintenance Needs

Both wood and vinyl windows require maintenance of some kind. However, in general terms, wood windows require much more maintenance than vinyl windows.

Whereas vinyl windows need only to be cleaned regularly, wood windows need to be cleaned regularly, stained roughly every 3 years, and sanded on occasion. This added maintenance requires not only additional time, but additional money as well.

Weather Resistance

Windows are constantly exposed to the elements. As such, they need to be able to withstand water and sunlight. Though both wood and vinyl possess some protection against this type of weather, vinyl windows offer much more protection than wood.

Vinyl windows are almost entirely resistant to rain and sunlight. At worst, they can become faded after many years of constant sun exposure.

Wood windows, on the other hand, are highly vulnerable to both water and sunlight. The more water and sunlight they come into contact with, the more they’ll warp and misshape. Eventually, they can warp to the point where they become dysfunctional.


In terms of cost, it’s not even close. Wood windows are much more expensive than vinyl windows — not only in terms of purchase cost, but in terms of maintenance cost and cost-effectiveness as well.

Generally speaking, vinyl windows cost around $200 less than wood windows. You can find a high-quality vinyl window for around $500. In contrast, a high-quality wood window costs around $700.

When you consider the fact that vinyl windows last longer than wood windows (as much as 20 years longer), the cost comparison is absurdly lopsided. Vinyl is, without a doubt, the premier budget window material.

Ready to Install New Windows in Glenview?

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