Casement Windows vs Hung Windows vs Sliding Windows: Which Should You Choose? Advice from a Deer Park Windows Company

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Casement Windows vs Hung Windows vs Sliding Windows: Which Should You Choose? Advice from a Deer Park Windows Company

Perhaps you’re thinking about installing new windows in your home, but you need a bit of advice first? Should you choose casement windows, hung windows, or sliding windows? This Deer Park window company is going to help you answer that question below.


Each of these 3 windows opens and closes in its own individual way. Whereas casement windows slide open in an up-down manner, sliding windows slide open in a side-to-side manner, and casement windows swivel open in an in-out manner.

Sliding windows and hung windows open more quickly than casement windows. However, they’re also more prone to friction over time. As such, if they’re not properly cared for, they could become difficult to open and close.


When it comes to ventilation, these three windows are essentially equal. Each one allows for a high degree of variation, allowing in anything from a light breeze, to a full-bore wind, and everything in between.

Note, however, that if you opt for double-hung windows, you will be able to take advantage of maximum ventilation. This is because double-hung windows possess two moveable sashes, allowing for an almost-window-sized ventilation gap.


Each of these three windows allow in a good deal of sunlight. However, the amount of sunlight allowed by each differs slightly.

Because casement windows and hung windows are taller than they are wide, they tend to filter light in a narrower manner. Sliding windows, on the other hand, are wider than they are tall, thus filtering light in an almost panoramic configuration. If you’re looking for soft light, casement windows and hung windows are ideal. However, if you’re looking to light up an entire room, a sliding window will suit you best.


Aesthetics are subjective. As such, any one of these three windows could be the ideal choice. Nonetheless, we’re going to explain each one’s aesthetic in detail.

Hung windows are taller than they are wide. Consisting of two sashes, they possess thick opaque panels in their middles. Aesthetically speaking, they are seen as a standard type of window.

Casement windows are similar to hung windows, being taller than they are wide. Note, though, that unlike hung windows, they don’t possess panels in their middles.

Sliding windows are essentially hung windows that have been turned on their sides. Wider than they are tall, they possess vertical panels in their middles.

Ease of Cleaning

As far as cleaning difficulty goes, these three windows are similar but different. While the interior side of each of these windows is fairly easy to clean, the exterior side is a little more difficult.

Double-hung windows, in particular, are the easiest to clean. This is due to the fact that they have two moveable sashes, and therefore allow for easy access to their exterior sides. Single-hung windows allow for some access to their exterior sides, but they’re a little more difficult to maneuver around.

Sliding windows are very much the same. If they have two moveable sashes, they’re fairly easy to clean. If they have one moveable sash, they’re a little more difficult.

Casement windows, for the most part, are difficult to clean. Because they swivel away from the home, you have to reach out and around to clean them. For most individuals, this creates a difficult situation, so generally, the best way to clean the exterior of a casement window is to go outside and clean it.

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