Five Signs That You Should Install New Windows in Mt Prospect

New kitchen windows at a house in Mt Prospect, Illinois

Five Signs That You Should Install New Windows in Mt Prospect

Have you had the same windows in your home for over 15 years? If so, they’re probably not quite what they used to be, but they might not be in awful shape either. That said, you may be wondering: is it time to make a change?

To make this determination, there are a few specific signs that you should look out for. Curious as to what these signs are? Then read below. Here are 5 signs that you should install new windows in Mt Prospect, Illinois.

1. Your Windows are Difficult to Open

Do your windows scrape and stick every time you try to open them? If so, they’re probably nearing the end of their lifespan.

Over time, as a home’s foundation shifts, it applies pressure against its windows. This results in friction, making it much more difficult for windows to open and close. In some cases, this problem can be repaired with a bit of lubricant. Unfortunately, in most cases, it spells the end of the window entirely.

2. Your Windows are Cracked

Have your windows been faced with severe physical trauma? Perhaps they’ve just been around for a long time? Whatever the case may be, if your windows are cracked, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Now, you might assume that it’s just an aesthetic issue. However, in truth, it’s can greatly affect the functionality of your windows as well, particularly in terms of insulation.

One thing to note here is that, in some cases, it’s possible to repair window cracks. However, if the crack is particularly large (over an inch in length or half a centimeter in width), you should probably think about replacing your window entirely.

3. You Can Hear Traffic Sounds at All Times

Whenever you’re relaxing in your home, are you overcome with the sound of traffic noise? If so, in all likelihood, this indicates a problem with your windows.

As time passes, and as the seals of windows break down, they allow more and more sound to pass through. Eventually, these seals can become so worn down that it’s almost like you’re sitting outside (at least as far as the sound is concerned).

Note, however, that it’s possible to replace just the window seal. But if you’ve had the windows for over 2 decades, it’s probably best that you replace them entirely.

4. Your Home’s Energy Efficiency is Lacking

In addition to preventing the flow of outside noise, your windows are also designed to prevent heat and cold waves. As such, if they’re not preventing these waves, it’s probably an indication that your windows need to be changed.

How can you tell if heat and cold are making their way through your windows? By looking out for signs of poor energy efficiency. These signs include drafty areas around your windows, and progressively rising energy bills.

5. Your Windows are Outdated

Do your windows look like they were made in the 1970s? If so, even if they somehow continue to function, there’s no downside to making a change.

Aesthetically antiquated windows can affect the entire look of the home. Fortunately, there are all sorts of different modern windows on the market today, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

Need New Windows in Mt Prospect?

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