Is it Time for a New Window Replacement in Riverwoods? Five Signs That It Is

New windows at a house in Riverwoods, Illinois

Is it Time for a New Window Replacement in Riverwoods? Five Signs That It Is

In most cases, you can count on a set of windows to thrive for 20 to 30 years. However, once they’ve reached this point, they start to deteriorate fairly quickly.

Have you had your windows for 20 to 30 years? Are you curious as to whether it’s time for a window replacement in Riverwoods?  Here are five signs to indicate that it is.

1. Your Windows are Drafty

Over time, as they suffer deterioration, the seals on windows begin to let air through. As a result, the areas around the windows can become drafty. In other words, it starts to feel warm next to your windows during the summer, and cold during the winter. In extreme cases, you might even feel gusts of wind inside the home.

If you’re feeling these drafts around your windows, there’s no doubt: it’s time to make a change. A full window replacement is the best way to solve the problem long-term.

2. You Can Hear Traffic Noise from Inside Your Home

When a window is in good shape, it should be able to keep out not just heat and cold, but sound waves also. If you can clearly hear traffic noises inside your home while the windows are closed, then it’s likely that those windows have suffered extreme deterioration.

Again, this has to do with the windows’ seals, in particular. No repair will completely eliminate this problem. The best solution is a full window replacement.

3. Your Windows are Difficult to Open

Opening up a window should be a simple task. You should be able to slide it up or over with a gentle push of your hand. If you find that you have to use great effort just to open and close your window, there’s a chance that the window is in need of a replacement.

The most common reason that windows get like this is because homes shift over time. As a home shifts, the window becomes misaligned, leading to increased friction and more difficulty in opening. Though this problem can sometimes be repaired, it could be better to replace the window altogether.

4. You Struggle to Lock Your Windows

The next sign that your windows may need to be replaced is that you struggle to lock them. When in good shape, windows should lock with ease. You shouldn’t have to push them down while engaging their locks. Instead, they should engage with a simple slide of your hand.

Though it’s sometimes possible to repair a faulty window lock, in many cases, a full window replacement is the better option.

5. Your Energy Bills are Getting More Expensive

The cost of your energy bills can increase for a number of reasons. Note, though, that old windows are one of the more common reasons.

When windows deteriorate, they do a poor job of keeping out external temperatures. As such, these temperatures seep through the windows, creating either cold or hot spots on the inside of the house.

To counteract this increase or decrease in temperature, the home’s HVAC system is forced to work harder than it normally has to. This requires more energy, and therefore, it costs you more money in the form of energy bills.

Want to fix this problem? Replacing your windows might be the key, especially if you have detected any other signs on this list.

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