What Residential Window Styles Are Popular in 2024? Insights from a Replacement Windows Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Replacement Windows Company in Arlington Heights Illinois

What Residential Window Styles Are Popular in 2024? Insights from a Replacement Windows Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Are you thinking about kicking off 2024 by installing new windows in your home? Before you reach out to any contractors, it’s important to have a general feel for what’s available. After all, there are several great window styles that each provide something different in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

To help you pick the right windows for your home, this replacement windows company in Arlington Heights, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular window styles that are currently available.

Hung Windows

Hung windows are a traditional option that are taller than they are wide. They consist of two individual panes: one on the top and another on the bottom.

There are two types of hung windows: single hung and double hung. Single hung windows have one moving sash, while double hung windows have two moving sashes.

The additional moving sash allows for greater ventilation variation. It also increases the ease of cleaning. Both types of windows offer a good deal of ventilation, sunlight, and visibility.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are essentially just hung windows that have been turned sideways. They open in a left-to-right manner instead of an up-and-down manner.

Apart from that, they’re essentially identical to hung windows. They offer good sunlight, visibility, and ventilation variation, and they are suitable for rooms of all kinds.

Casement Windows

Up next are casement windows. These windows are taller than they are wide, and they open in an in-and-out manner with the use of hand-turned cranks.

Casement windows offer full vision. There are no intersecting panels covering the window area, which allows for great views and ample sunlight.

They offer a great deal of ventilation variation, as they can be adjusted to a variety of angles. They are also very common, which means most replacement windows companies in Arlington Heights, Illinois will carry them in a wide range of sizes and materials.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are unique in that, when they are open, they possess the look of awnings. They also perform like awnings, keeping rain out of the inside of the home during storms.

Wider than they are tall, these windows offer tons of peripheral vision. Note, though, that they’re not always great for allowing in sunlight. As far as ventilation variation goes, they’re considered above average.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are large architectural windows that consist of between 4 and 6 individual panes. These panes are angled against one another and jut out past the exteriors of their respective homes.

Due to their size, these windows allow a great deal of sunlight. They can also offer terrific ventilation, as several of their panes can be opened at once.

Most replacement windows companies in Arlington Heights, Illinois recommend installing these windows in central meeting areas, such as living rooms or dining rooms. They offer not only tremendous visibility, but a high-end aesthetic.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are windows that cannot be opened. They’re essentially mounted to walls just like pictures might be, hence the name.

These windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find circular models, square models, rectangular models, and even asymmetrical models.

Picture windows are commonly installed in high-reaching areas due to the fact that they can’t be opened. This fact prevents potential falls, making them the safest option for these types of areas.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are essentially window boxes that connect to the interiors of homes. They jut out past their homes’ exteriors, taking in substantial amounts of sunlight. This is beneficial in that it helps you to grow plants indoors. You can put flowers and other plants in your garden windows.

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