Is It Time for New Windows? Here Is How to Tell: A Replacement Windows Company in Carpentersville, Illinois Explains

Replacement Windows Company in Carpentersville, Illinois

Is It Time for New Windows? Here Is How to Tell: A Replacement Windows Company in Carpentersville, Illinois Explains

Most well-built residential windows last a long time — as long as two decades in many cases. However, when they start to wear down, they will quickly deteriorate in terms of form and function. With that said, you might be asking: is it time to upgrade your windows?

This window replacement company in Carpentersville, Illinois is going to help you answer that question below by reviewing some of the most common signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

Are There Cracks in Your Windows?

One sign that you may need new windows is that there are cracks in them. While some cracks can be repaired, large cracks, specifically, can be difficult to repair. As such, it’s sometimes necessary to replace the cracked window in its entirety.

If you don’t replace or repair a cracked window, a number of things could happen. For one, the window could lose insulative capabilities. For two, the window could provide passageways through which insects can crawl. There’s also, of course, the reduced aesthetic of the window.

Do you need to replace a cracked window? If so, do not hesitate to reach out to your local window replacement company in Carpentersville, Illinois.

Are Your Energy Bills Getting Higher?

Another sign that you might need to have new windows installed is that your energy bills are getting higher. Rising energy bills could indicate a loss of energy efficiency in one’s windows. The windows are letting through more heat and cold, thus forcing the home’s HVAC system to work harder than it would otherwise. This, of course, results in increased electricity and gas costs.

Now, there are several other factors that could result in this as well. For instance, aging siding can also reduce your home’s insulative capabilities. That said, in most cases, the windows are to blame.

Are You Having Trouble Opening/Closing Your Windows?

Does opening and closing your windows require extreme force? Is there a great deal of friction present when you open and close your windows? If so, there’s undoubtedly something wrong with them.

It could be that the windows have shifted with the house. As a result, their openings are applying pressure to their sashes, making them difficult to open and close. In this case, the windows will likely need to be replaced in their entirety.

On the other hand, the windows could simply require some lubrication. Adding some lubrication to the window tracks could get the windows back in proper working order.

Are There Strong Drafts by Your Windows?

One last sign that you need window replacement is that there are strong drafts by your windows. In other words, when you stand by your windows, it’s noticeably colder or hotter than in other areas of your home. You might even feel wind gusts.

This occurs once the windows’ seals have broken down. Because they’ve broken down, they can no longer keep heat and cold from flowing into the house. Ergo, drafts present themselves.

In some cases, you can fix this problem by fixing the damaged seals. If your windows are relatively old, however, you might be better off replacing them completely. In any case, a professional replacement windows company in Carpentersville, Illinois can assess your windows and help you make the right call.

Looking for a Replacement Windows Company in Carpentersville, Illinois?

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